Should CTA buses use cameras to nail vehicles blocking bus lanes and bus stops? At least one alderperson thin – Chicago Sun-Times


Drivers who block bus and bike lanes could have their license plates captured by cameras installed on the exterior of CTA buses — triggering tickets that would arrive by mail — under a proposed crackdown aimed at speeding up bus service.

Nearly 20 years after a similar CTA experiment with surveillance cameras that ultimately failed, …….

Drivers who block bus and bike lanes might have their license plates captupurple by digital cameras put in on The outdoors of CTA buses — set offing tickets Which might arrive by mail — beneath a proposed crackdown Aimed in the direction of dashing up bus service.

Almost 20 years after An identical CTA experiment with surveillance digital cameras that finally failed, Ald. Daniel La Spata (1st) Desires to try it as quickly as extra.

At Wednesday’s Metropolis Council meeting, La Spata launched an ordinance Which might empower The city comptroller to forge an intergovernmental settlement with the RTA and CTA “for The purpose of procuring needed digital cameras and upkeep” gear “for the enforcement of visitors violations.”

La Spata argued that motorists are parking with impunity in bus and bike lane and at bus stops. The defiance is so rampant, it’s sluggishing down CTA bus service and defeating The purpose of bus lanes On The identical time the CTA is struggling to fill bus driver vacancies That are creating further service problems.

By The objective The city responds to a 311 grievance about motorists and supply vans illegally parked in bus and bike lanes, the offending motorist or supply truck driver typically is already gone, La Spata said.

That’s why he Desires to resurrect The thought of using surveillance digital cameras strategically positioned on The outdoors of CTA buses.

“Do You’d like to’re taking the 66 Chicago [Avenue] bus down The road all by way of rush hour or all by way of A lot of hours of the day, it’s A critical drawback. It renders A lot Of these bus-solely lanes dysfunctional,” La Spata informed the Photo voltaic-Occasions.

“We’re going to see A lot extra environment nice service for CTA riders [by] With The power to problem citations in a well timed style [in] a method … That is automated and digital camera-based mostly. It Could be actually useful When it Includes creating constructive we’re maintaining The general public proper of method clear” for CTA buses.

La Spata’s ordinance would empower the CTA To place in surveillance digital cameras on The outdoors Of every Definitely one of its 2,200 buses.

That is, if the mass transit agency can discover The money To buy exterior digital cameras at a time when ridership stays at roughly half of what it was earlier than the pandemic.

“Every ordinance turns Right into a substitute ordinance. We now have To actually use this as a leaping-off level to have that dialog and To Search out out what May be The solely and accountable,” he said.

London pioneepurple The thought of using exterior bus digital cameras to nail motorists blocking bus lanes and at bus stops.

In 2002, then-CTA President Frank Kruesi proposed that Chicago Adjust to London’s lead, and the Metropolis Council accredited the crackdown On The identical time that purple-mild digital cameras …….